Your going to get a website, but which one is best for you? Here are a few bits of info to help you decide which type of website you need.
  1. An E-commerce website – This is your online shop. With this website you can list the products you are selling and receive payments and transactions for those items. This is a popular type of website if you make items by hand, sell in bulk or sell tickets. E-Commerce websites are good for both small and large companies but remember the more products you add, the more things to stay on top of!
  1. A Brochure website – This is a standard website that ensures you have an online presence for your business. Brochure websites require little website maintenance and just needs refreshing up occasionally with new prices, new services or just a new layout. It is a website perfect for showing what you provide as a service. They make it easy for customers to contact you and work as an overview of your business for clients.
  1. Portfolio website – Portfolio websites are quite self-explanatory and are perfect for those just looking to showcase their work. These are commonly used by photographers and artists but it can be used to show images of whatever it is you’re looking to promote. On a portfolio website you can have a gallery of your work whether it be of your perfect finished bathroom fittings or your delicious cakes!
  1. Blogging website – A blogging website is perfect for those who wish to write and share! Blogging website can hold a great layout for all the text your going to write. You can also imbed YouTube videos, so if you’re a dedicated vlogger, this is the type of site you need.
  1. Online booking – If you require your customers to make appointments for your services this is perfect for you. You can list the services you provide and your customers can view your available appointments and book in at a time suitable for you. You can then receive email updates about bookings people have made and add them to your diary!
  1. Directory website – A directory website is for broader use and is more complex to build. One you have a directory layout built you have to start inputting the information on the site which is time consuming. Directory websites usually include a search function to make navigation easier for the website visitors but making sure this runs smoothly is a big job.
If you’re still not sure which type of website is best for you, you can pop into our office and have a chat with us. We will advise you on the best website for the use you need it for and can discuss with you how we can incorporate your ideas into a fantastic final design. Get in touch with Ocean City Marketing now on 0800 772 3208
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