Logos are one of the core components of a company’s branding strategy. These company symbols are usually the first thing that a potential customer is exposed to and if it fails to portray your brand message effectively, it will fail to attract and drive leads to the company.
Although there are many other components to a business’s branding plan, the logo occupies a special place of importance. As a visual medium of communication, it’s the logo’s job to convey your brand values and message to a possible lead, attracting them into wanting to learn more and a good logo helps people remember your brand more easily. Statistically, people find it easier to absorb information visually than through any other medium. And if the logo design itself is simple, it makes it even easier for a consumer to remember and associate that symbol with your brand.

Many people, designers included, think a “brand” is just a nice-looking logo. Wrong.
If you look at a few of the most famous symbols depicting a business or personal brand, you will notice that they all have one thing in common. They all sport a simple yet distinct design.
Take the example of the McDonald’s logo. The simple golden arches of the symbol have become so iconic that even a child as young as four years of age can recognize it by design alone. However, it is so distinct that it is hard to mistake the logo for anyone else’s.
Similarly, logos for brands like Twitter, Facebook, and Nike are simple in design yet sufficiently unique. Consumers do not find it hard to associate with the brand. All these examples point to one fact – the simpler the design, the easier it is for a consumer to remember it, however, there is a fine line between making a logo unique and straightforward and turning it into a generic design. Most importantly, your logo needs to be able to embody and portray your brand message effectively.

An essential aspect of logo design for your brand is that it should look and be perceived the same, whether for a digital medium or a physical one.
That is where your website and social media come in. As the most popular and vital marketing tools nowadays, your brand logo must be perfectly legible, consistent and compelling throughout your portfolio.
Featuring on various social media platforms on different screen sizes, your logo needs to be distinct to instill the desired perception.
That is how a logo’s design can affect its brand’s perception in the eyes of its consumers.

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