If you already have a website but struggle to find the time to update it yourself, or your current web host charges an extortionate amount to update your website – we can help!

Its not just about adding fresh new content, we can introduce small back-end updates which can help your customers engage more with your business, such as Facebook and Twitter feeds on your website. We would also help setup your Twitter / facebook on your PC or phone (or both). We can even manage your Social tweets and posts as a part of our Social Media management package. We would also create new banners / promotional images to give your site a fresh new look if required. We are hear to help you build and grow your website with you.

With the recent changes at Google and Bing, it is now essential to update your website regularly to ensure you rankings do not get affected negatively. As well as that, your website needs to look and feel like you care about it and the customers you are trying to engage with. Every customer wants to feel like you have taken the time for them by giving them the information they require, quickly and efficiently. If they feel like its a “dead website” it gives the wrong impression, the customer would either think, you’ve gone out of business or simply do not care about the impression you give to potential and current customers.

“Its all about adding well written, engaging and rich content on a regular basis”

We offer 2 levels of service with a 3rd bespoke website maintenance service tailored to your exact needs.

If you have an information / brochure style website (not eCommerce) the below maintenance packages are best suited.

Maintenance Service 1: Up to 2 hours per month of updates to your website: £25

Maintenance service 2: We host your website and offer up to 2 hours per month of updates to your website: £30

We can offer a tailored website maintenance package to suit all clients needs. For example if you run an accountants firm and just require a couple of blog / news posts and basic information updated every week or once a month our package is perfect. Or if you have eCommerce site and require a number of updates per week or month we can discuss the best price for you, although if you only require a few updates per month then one of the above quoted packages would suffice.

Call us today on 0800 772 3208 and we will be happy to talk over the phone or meet face to face to find out more about your business and what is required.

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