Designing a website is no easy task and different clients often want completely different things from their website. Our web design company in Plymouth have written this blog to help you see some of things we’re looking at when designing a website. The most important thing is that the website shows quality. It should have all the features requested in the client’s brief and be appealing to visitors. If the website doesn’t meet those 2 criteria, it can turn potential customers away and they may go elsewhere. We’ve put together 6 useful tips that will help your site reach that next level. To get a great website at a great price, call us now on 0800 7723 208.


1. Choose a professional logo

A professional logo and consistent branding is important for all your marketing and it can really improve the appeal of the website. As the logo is usually at the top, it’s the first thing a customer sees and can reflect the company’s image. The best logos are clean and simple. They are designed to be professional and striking. Another aspect of the logo is that it usually links back to the home page making navigation easier.

2. Design in shades of grey

Many web designers will start designing a website in shades of grey before implementing colours appropriate for branding of the business. Parts that you want to emphasise will use colour to create an impact.

3. Offer easy navigation features

The vast majority of websites have a horizontal menu. It’s good to follow the trend and offer the same, simple menu for navigation.

4. Don’t get clutter on the website

You should always try to reduce clutter on each page of the website. Experiment with padding so you can find a clear layout that will make content easy to read and important information stand out. Padding should be consistent to maintain the website appearance. Use images to break up and enhance the text.

5. Find the right font

In 2017, there are thousands of fonts to choose from. Although you should be careful using unique fonts, the most important thing is that the font matches the branding and you maintain a professional look. Don’t choose a complicated serif font if it’s going to be difficult to read. Also, be on the lookout for new fonts as there are many coming out every year. Don’t use fonts that are 10 or 11pt in size. It is difficult to read and can cause visitors to leave as soon as the website loads.

6. Be careful with social media icons

Although social media is popular and can help your business significantly, you don’t want customers leaving your website as soon as they reach it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any social media content on your website. We usually have links to social media profiles & pages in the footer. This means that once the customer has finished browsing the page they were interested in, they can then visit social media. This applies to other outbound links too. If you don’t want customers to leave your website, don’t add things that will encourage them to do so.


These 6 tips are a good start for designing a professional website but there are many more things our web designers in Plymouth can offer. If you’re looking for a local company to give your website the proper care and attention it needs, get in touch with us at Ocean City Marketing today.

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