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Why use Social Media?

It’s no secret that the use of Social Media has completely changed the face of online business. The reason is simple. Social Media Marketing allows your business to connect with thousands of potential customers in an engaging and interactive way, making it one of the primary methods of marketing, and making it the crucial next step for your business to reach the heights and success you want it to be. It’s a very quick and valuable way to locate customers and to build key relationships over multiple social platforms that will only benefit your business and promote it in a cost-effective way. The greater your interest in social media then the greater your business will grow. The use of social media helps develop your brand image and in doing so it will only strengthen your connection to your customers and ultimately this is what will ensure that your company is generating profit. With social media there is no limit to how large your influence can grow.

You’ll often find that companies who don’t have in interest in social media marketing will struggle in comparison to those that do. Often, the gap is huge. The strength and impact of promoting your business through social media has almost made it a requirement to get the very best out of your company. Without a social media presence your business is likely to be in the dark and may lose out to the competition that does have an online strategy for their business.

“Most serious businesses use a Social Media Marketing Strategy”

Types of Social Media

There are multiple platforms of Social Media to engage with your customers, and each offer their own rewards, depending on the type of promotion you are looking for, or what sort of marketing strategy you want to employ.

Facebook: The leading social networking site, hitting numbers near 1.3 billion users per month. Facebook allows users to share links, pages, images, and posts to any of their listed friends, or followers. It’s an effective way of sharing a variety of content related to your business without the restrictions present on other social media platforms.

Twitter: A quicker, snappier alternative to Facebook. It operates in a similar way, using a followers system, which is how you connect with customers and friends. You post, they see it, and then they can share it and vice-versa. It’s a proven method of creating a very large client base for your business in a short amount of time, and one of the primary methods of online marketing. You’ll find that its popularity with business is helped by its 140 character tweet restrictions, which ensures that you’re promotion strategy is direct and straight to the point. It offers a clear platform for your business to connect and to grow. Twitter is renowned for its wild-fire like effect through its retweet, or sharing, system, which can lead to big exposure for your company.

Google+: Works like Facebook, allowing users to share updates and contents with followers. But the bonus of Google+ is that it’s in conjunction with Google Search, providing users with more relevant search results, adding to the personalisation and user experience. Depending on your business, Google+ could be an effective marketing strategy.

Pinterest: A different method of social media. It’s an image-sharing platform making it perfect for companies that have a focus on photography or promoting images of their company.

LinkedIn: A platform for professional networking. It allows users to find jobs and engage with potential business partners in a more formal and specific way than Facebook or Twitter, which are focused with a more personal approach to social media.

It can’t be stressed enough how useful social media is to your business. It is successful because it relies on connecting directly with your customers, rather than shooting in the dark with a phone call for example, because of its exposure and freedom, social media will always be one of most important ways a business can branch out. It also gives your business credibility on a large scale. Simply, because of its impact on business, not marketing through social media can only restrict the possibilities of a company.


Useful statistics:

According to Hubspot, 80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic.

92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses.

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