If you haven’t seen these little QR Barcode looking images yet, you will soon!

QR Codes are easy to identify, they look like small black and white squares, known as QR codes. They are commonly stuck to Vehicle’s, magazines and shop windows. They can be attached to pretty much anything as they are very veritable.

They are really easy to use for the customer, they simply need a little QR reader / scanner application installed on their smart phone.PL1qrcode.16977834

Why are QR codes important as a business owner?

Firstly, QR codes put information at your fingertips with just one tap of your phone. No matter how modern or slick your mobile phone is, simply clicking on one of these images can automatically to visit a website or online map is much easier than typing information on your phones keypad.

As a business owner, the applications are almost endless. QR codes can be attached to any print media including magazines, brochures or business cards. Even Vans or Cars in the form of a sticker. Most business owners include their web address on their business card or on the side of their work van or car. Consider how simple it would be for a customer to learn about your business or to contact you if all they had to do was scan your QR code and go instantly to your website with all your contact details and information about you. In today’s competitive business environment, it benefits the business owner to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to learn about their business and to choose them.

We can create a QR code for your business and send it via E-mail. You will then be able to incorporate your QR code on your marketing information such as catalogues and Business cards.

If you require a QR code sticker for your company Van or Car then we can produce your QR code per-printed onto a laminated and durable sticker. Up to ten 20cm x 20cm stickers or five of 40cm x 40cm stickers for only £50 on top of the QR Code creation cost of £20. We can also assist in sticking it to your vehicle at no extra charge as a part of our friendly service.

The QR image creation cost is £20 and this can be E-mailed to you.

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