chamberPL1 Web Design is now a member of the Plymouth & Devon Chamber of Commerce. For those that donโ€™t know the Plymouth & Devon Chamber of Commerce helps by providing a forum for members to build and develop their business, which is greatly beneficial for small, independent businesses, such as PL1 Web Design, looking to expand and grow their business in the local Plymouth area. However, the Plymouth & Devon Chamber of Commerce does also cater to larger companies in Plymouth and Devon. Being a member also opens up the option of benefiting from business support whereby local business can find valuable guidance on ways they can expand and develop their business goals. The Chamber is also involved in numerous projects based within Plymouth.

As a member of the Plymouth & Devon Chamber of Commerce, PL1 Web Design is able to benefit from the variety of services offered by the Chamber and the value they provide for local businesses. The Chamber also strives to promote the interests of its members as the voice of local business in the Plymouth and Devon area, which is why PL1 Web Design is happy to be a part of the Chamber and is looking forward to expanding and growing as a result of the partnership.


With the emphasis on helping the community, the Chamber represents the perfect platform for local companies such as PL1 Web Design to operate within and improve their business goals as well as connecting with the local through the added assistance that the Chamber provides.

Providing access to new markets and opportunities, as a member of the Chamber, companies can push their business further with international trade or build upon their brand image with the Chamber aiming to promote and improve the brand awareness of their members. Ultimately, the Plymouth and Devon Chamber of Commerce is local platform that businesses can operate within and benefit from in order to reach their goals.

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