The benefits of Multi-Channel selling and why you should be cashing in!


What is Multi-Channel selling?

Essentially, Multi-Channel Selling is selling your products in multiple places as way of generating and in-taking a lot more revenue for your business. This primarily includes the selling of products using multiple marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Play, and Etsy. Show-casing your business and opening up your sales opportunities via Multi-Channel Selling, integration of eBay and Amazon is clearly better than only having one sales output (your own website) and so your business is only going to grow, expand, and greatly benefit financially, as well as boosting brand recognition by having a wider reach in eCommerce. It’s not as simple as simply listing any old product online, with vague details, and crossing-fingers for sales, which are unlikely to flourish unless done in the correct way.

Why Multi-Channel is crucial for your business:

Multi-Channel eCommerce is a service we offer that can greatly improve your business. With our easily designed eCommerce websites everything can be done at the click of a button, saving your business precious time and hassle and allowing you to focus your time and energy on other areas of your business. You can view our full services here.

Big brands are selling on eBay and Amazon. Why? because it’s imperative in order for your business to grow and succeed, as well as producing the desired income and end result. A clear indication of what it will mean for your business to have an eBay setup can be seen via for the Official eBay app seen on the Play download store. With the last update being registered onย Multi-channel eCommerceNovember 2014, the eBay app for your phone or tablet has seen between 50 – 100 million installs. Further evidence of eBay’s enormous influence to businesses and the online marketplace can be seen its yearly revenue, with a reported 17.9 billion income from sales reported in 2014 online, seeing a 50% rise from 2009; and it’s a trend that is only going up. Now is the opportune time to start selling on eBay. And if that isn’t enough persuasion, Amazon took in Revenue of 74.45 billion in 2013, almost seeing a 33% increase in sales since 2009, with huge 40% of that revenue from online sellers. That’s how big eBay and Amazon are. They are the giants of online business. That’s the exposure you will be getting with the integration of eBay and Amazon for you Ecommerce website or just a stand-alone eBay and Amazon Store. You don’t have to limit your business to purely an eBay Setup, there’s dozens of marketplaces that you can tap into. Why not have both an eBay setup and Amazon setup? This will give your business a huge boost on the eCommerce front.

PL1 web design specialises Multi-Channel setup and integration for small businesses and large businesses and not just limited to Plymouth; with complete eBay, Play and Amazon integration there is no other Mutli-Channel Company that offers what we can offer in expertise and general know-how.

There’s also no need to worry when choosing us for your Multi-Channel setup and integration and we have 8 years’ experience of selling online.

You are in safe hands!


Multi-Channel selling isn’t just limited to the UK either, but it is very accessible to the global market as well. For example, our client base can range from a client who has five different products selling over two UK marketplaces to a client with nearly 1000 products selling over eight marketplaces in the UK, Europe and America.Fulfilment agent in Plymouth So it’s easy to see how effective Multi-Channel selling can be for your business if handled in the correct and professional way. PL1 Web Design can guarantee this. PL1 Web Design not only knows how to build a quality eCommerce website, but one that works for you, too. This is an important and desired factor in making sure your business is connecting with right customers and therefore improving sales and reputation. We have detailed knowledge and experience in the Multi-Channel selling arena to ensure that we can offer great advice and tailor your package and price to suit your needs. At PL1 Web Design our inventory management software has an automatic price checker that is built in, and this will constantly monitor the competitions prices and re-price up or down according to their prices based on your re-price rules. Once you have a Multi-Channel setup with full eBay and Amazon integration (those being the two leading online marketplaces, although there are others) then there’s very little to do on this side of things for your business. Sit back, relax, and watch the sales roll in!.

Look Professional:

It’s also a good idea to create a professionally designed shop on your chosen marketplace, so that it looks like a professional website, giving your business better brand recognition and a more sleek appeal. It saves the stress of building a separate website and paying out for it, making this a much more cost-effective and simpler solution of selling your products, services, and promoting your business online to the mass consumer.

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Multi-Channel setup and integrations we offer:

  • A Single Channel setup for a one off cost.
  • Multiple Sales Channel Setup with or without data stock/sales feeds.
  • A full Multi-Channel Setup with Pick, Pack and Dispatch and data stock and sales feeds.
  • Bespoke Multi-Channel Setup.

Use our Pick, Pack and Dispatch service:

At PL1 Web Design, we understand the boring sides of selling online and are aware that not all businesses have enough time for the more mundane tasks of their business such as product

distribution. We own a Storage, Pick, Pack and Dispatch company (Fulfilment Company). We can offer you the complete Fulfilment service situated here in Plymouth saving your company valuable time so that the focus is spent elsewhere and concentrating efforts on expanding your company. With our dedicated partner Choice Fulfilment we can store, download your orders, then pick and pack them all in house. We can download your orders by a CSV Feed, Excel document or Email confirmations with the relevant information in, such as product name, SKU and address. Not only do we take the stress out of this side of the work, but we are also cost effective and we are cheaper than Royal Mail and can send all over the world. We will securely handle and distribute all your mail / parcels, so there’s no need for your business to worry. Not only do we offer the cheapest prices and deals, but we allow small or large business to carry on developing and running the more crucial areas of their business and the bigger factors that will largely determine who successful that business will come. Any business will run more efficiently and achieve more if the stress of product mailing and product storage is taken out of their daily work-routine, it also means you can keep your overheads low, so take advantage of Choice Fulfilment in Plymouth, and let us handle your, Pick, Pack and Dispatch of products.

Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit your business and make life easier. Go with PL1 Web Design and get your Multi-Channel setup and integration and we will discuss a package that is best suited for your company. We will also take out the hard graft of your business through Choice Fulfilment Plymouth when packing your orders!


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