If you are a business or an individual and sell online, you’ll probably be all too aware the postage costs have recently hit all-time highs and the weight and size are major factors in the price.

For example, you could be at the post office on a Monday and then send the same thing on a Tuesday and the postage price could change by anything up to £4.00. This could purely be because it could be over 1mm higher or wider. In our mind their new pricing strategy is unacceptable and does not cater for the online seller who needs a consistent price.

Much of Royal Mails revenue comes from online sellers. Whether it’s a used Children’s Toy sold on eBay or Fashion Watches you sell in various marketplaces, such as Amazon, Play and eBay. You need a consistent price at all times to ensure you are making money!

We can help; we have a simple postage solution for businesses or individuals.

Over the years we have developed a good relationship with Royal Mail and the volumes of mail sent collectively through us has been phenomenal. This means we can pass on discounts to anyone who needs to send any mail, whether its 1 item or 1000s.

Some examples of mail that can be sent and a typical price:

Large Box: £4.50

cheaper postage rates




Small box or package: £3.00

Fulfilment service plymouth





Small package: £1.50

Mail drop off service







Just pop into HQ Business Park, Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 3HQ and ask for “Choice Fulfilment”.

(between Lidl and Aldi).
Payment can be made in cash or by Paypal.
(7 day credit invoices can be raised for regular customers).

For more information on all our fulfilment / mail drop off services checkout our Fulfilment section.

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