We are experts when it comes to security and making sure websites are secure.  We offer a 2 pronged approach to WordPress website security. We secure your website against attacks and put in safeguards plus we add an SSL certificate which not only encrypts the connection between your website and visitor but also makes your website more attractive to Google when ranking.

Web Security Risk – Should You Be Worried?

If you have assets of importance or if anything about your site puts you in the public spotlight then your web security will be tested. It’s well known that poorly written software creates security issues. Basically all complex programs either have bugs or at the very, least a weakness point. On top of that, web servers are inherently complex programs. Websites themselves are complex and intentionally invite ever greater interaction with the public.
A web security issue is faced by site visitors as well. A common website attack involves the silent and concealed installation of code that will exploit the browsers of visitors. Your site is not the end target at all in these attacks. There are, at this time, many thousands of websites out there that have been compromised. The owners have no idea that anything has been added to their sites and that their visitors are at risk.

Web Site Code and Web Security

A website undoubtedly provides some means of communication with its visitors. In every place that interaction is possible you have potential web security vulnerability. Websites often invite visitors to:

•Fill out a contact form
•Search the site content
•Use a shopping cart
•Create an account
•Logon to an account

In each case noted above your website visitor is effectively sending a command to or through your web server – very likely to a database. However, these limits are not automatic. It takes well trained programmers a good deal of time to write code that allows all expected data to pass and disallows all unexpected or potentially harmful data.

Beyond the SEO value: security for business benefits

The importance of using SSL is because Google decided to treat it as a ranking signal. Nevertheless, its role in advancing a business’s reputation has been vital even before it has become one of the search ranking factors. This form of security practice may paint a better picture of a company or website, which helps in maintaining stable reputation.
A recent study shown that people make little difference in terms of decision making between website that use SSL and those that don’t. With people gradually becoming aware of online data security and privacy issues, business websites need to raise their standards.


Should I use SSL?

If you have a website, especially one with e-commerce SSL is a must have. Not only does it help keep your customer’s information safe, having SSL on your website keeps their mind at ease as well. You want to make sure whatever you are sending over the internet is going to the right server. From, January 2017 Google have begun labelling any websites that doesn’t have SSL as “Not secure.”

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