Based in Plymouth, Ocean City Marketing understands the importance of SEO to improve your Google ranking. The higher your Google ranking the better chance you have of getting your company noticed and increasing your customer base.

From our company office in Plymouth, we can make sure you get the best kind of SEO, yes there is a different kind of SEO. At its core, all SEO has the same aim: to improve a website’s standing in the search engines. But SEOs, for the most part, are divided into two distinct camps: white-hats (Good SEO) and black-hats(Bad SEO). To learn how to spot the difference when looking for SEO for your company we have supplied some of the differences between the two.

White hat SEO

  • Play by Google’s rules and guidelines (no need to worry about potential Google Penalties)
  • Create content about your company that your customers actually want to read and is informative about your products
  • A website that is made for humans and not for search engines
  • Make your website stand out from the others in your field

Black hat SEO

  • It is more expensive than ever before as Google is much smarter. You will have to turn to more expensive tactics outsmart it.
  • It is very risky, no one wants a Google penalty (you can be banned from Google and other search engines)
  • Concentrates more on the search engine than humans, you may get the hits but when customers go on to your site they won’t stay long. Complicated jargon and spamming a site with keywords do not make the site user friendly and people are liable to leave before you get any leads.
  • Our Plymouth company uses the following techniques for the best SEO outcome:

  • Quality content
  • Content-relevant keywords
  • Keyword-rich page titles and metadata
  • Lean code
  • Simple website navigation
  • Fast page loading times
  • Authoritative inbound links
  • If your goal is to build a long-term brand, then white-hat is the way to go. Nobody wants a Google penalty. But if you go down the black-hat route, there’s a decent chance you’ll get one. It, therefore, seems the obvious (and only) choice to many, ourselves included. Ocean City Marketing in Plymouth will make sure the SEO for your website is all of the above, we will focus on your brand including the technical design. If people remember your website they will be likely to return and we will make sure it is perfect on mobile devices, these are being used more and more when searching the internet so we want your site to look good.
    Invest in a white hat strategy, and you’ll be much more successful in the long term — without having to worry about algorithm updates or potential penalties. Make sure you don’t get caught out, do your research.
    Please contact us for any further information on SEO to increase your Google ranking.

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