Technology is constantly being refined and improved and web design is no exception. With the rapid increase in uptake of smartphones, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website meets the needs of all your potential clients and customers. If you’ve been sitting on the same website for 5 years, it might be time to think about a change. Here’s 5 signs that your website may need updating.

SEO in Plymouth.Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

In 2017, this is a potential deal-breaker. If the customer finds it difficult to navigate your website on their smartphone or tablet, most of the time they will just go somewhere else. Convenience is king. Even if your website looks good on laptops, smartphones are now the most popular device for getting online. All our websites are responsive (they look good on all devices) as standard. For more information on our web design offerings, click here.

High bounce rate

A high bounce rate means many customers are getting to your website and leaving after seeing a single page. This could mean they don’t like the design and feel of the site or your site didn’t have the information they were looking for. Either way, they weren’t getting a good impression of your site and therefore your business. Making sure your website is easy to navigate and each page has the information you say it does is important. Search engine optimisation plays a big part in reducing high bounce rate. For more information, visit our SEO page.

Your site looks outdated

Unfortunately, most people judge a book by its cover. Even if you’re offering unique products at great prices or you’re the most professional tradesman around, your website can put people off immediately. Your website needs to reflect your company and something that came from the early 2000s isn’t as appealing in 2017. You need to make sure your site presents your products and services clearly and that your design reflects the level of quality and customer service you offer.

Web design in Plymouth.You can’t add content to your site

You might be able to identify with the other 4 signs in this blog but what happens if you can’t do anything about it? If you can’t easily update and maintain your website, then a content management system (CMS) might be just what you need. There are quite a few good ones out there and all our sites come with one to make it easy for our clients to update their content. You can change virtually any text or image without needing any coding experience or knowledge. If you want to keep your customers updated with new products or offers in a news section, a CMS is the perfect solution.

It doesn’t make the right first impression

If your website is looking out of date or static, customers may not be getting the first impression you would like them to. A new website with clever use of images and snappy content can make all the difference increasing enquiries and sales. Our SEO specialists are experts at using content to bring new customers in, click here for more information.

Your website is like a shop window and making sure it gives the right impression of your business is vital to success in the digital world we live in. Contact Ocean City Marketing today to take your first step towards getting a new website!

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