Using SEO methods that were once common can be alluring, but this can also prove dangerous to your search strategy as algorithms are changing all the time. So, at Ocean City Marketing, we will tell you 5 old school SEO practices that you should ditch in favour of more efficient and modern alternatives.

Keywords Before Clicks

We can see that it might be important to target multiple keywords on the same page. But it’s not recommended, it’s not going to draw anyone’s clicks. You might think that’s good SEO to have all your keywords in your title element because it’s an important part of SEO. It’s important but keywords thrown in randomly is going to look spammy and sketchy. A lot less people are going to click it.

Instead of multiple keywords being thrown in, try to create a message. This is less focused on just having the raw keywords in there and more focused on drawing the click.

Heavy Use of Anchor Text on Internal Links

This used to be a practice that could have positive impacts on rankings. However, Google has discounted this and has actually even punished it where they feel like it’s spammy or overdone.

We recommend that the internal link is:

  • In the navigation.
  • In the footer.
  • In the sidebar.
  • Inside the content.
  • Relevant.
  • Well-written and flows well.
  • Easily usable.

Then it’s pretty safe.


Pages for Every Keyword Variant

This is an SEO tactic that many companies are still pursuing today and that has been effective for a very long time. So, the idea is if you have any variation of a keyword, it’s better to have a single page to target those keywords.

We don’t want to have four different pages with the variation of the same keywords. Instead, we take all these variations and put it onto one page. We will fit these keywords intelligently into the content, headline, title and meta description.

Multiple Microsites

Again, this used to be a very common SEO practice where companies would split up the main website into microsites to try and gain more popularity.

If you did split up your efforts into thirds, guess what would happen. These would rank about a third as well, which means the content on one site is not benefiting from the content and links on the other site. We will combine your efforts into one domain, this has the best shot at earning you good rankings for all the content we create for you. This is why we recommend against sub domains and microsites.

Keyword Match Domain Names

Over the last 15 to 20 years of the Web, the domain names that don’t sound like real brands have been lost from our memories and don’t have positive associations with them. Branded domain names that aren’t stuffed with keywords will draw clicks away and towards your competitors who sound more credible.

These types of domain names do much more poorly with link earning, content marketing, and being able to have guest content accepted. People don’t trust them. Even if there’s keywords in the name, which is slightly beneficial, you are going to face far more roadblocks on the way. We will help to choose the right domain name for you.

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